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The annual Asian African Leadership Awards powered by Passion Vista welcomes Asia & Africa’s business leaders and Chambers to participate for this prestigious award. It will be the flagship event of Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry; thereby becoming Asia & Africa’s largest business award ceremony. Winners from every corner of these two continents would be felicitated on one grand podium during the finale.

Nominations close on 28th February 2019.

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    About Asian African Leadership Forum

    Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Flagship Summit & Business Awards

    The annual Asian African Leadership Forum comes forth to honour business prowess and leaders who have made a remarkable impact on their industry and on the society at large. The Summit & Awards powered by Passion Vista recognizes outstanding leadership and honors the change makers of industries from the Asian-African continent for their never-ending zest for perfection, inculcating best practices and innovative strategies.

    AACCI is elated to introduce a saga of probing the ‘Superlative’ established by the forum that defines and celebrates the vision, the spirit of achievement and excellence in business leadership in Asian & Africa.

    Asian African Leadership Forum distinguishes and honours leaders who have contributed and shaped their national economy, and are visionaries behind today’s outstanding businesses. Participants of this magnanimous event are living personification of the best in Asian – African leadership. They are the pinnacle of virtues, strength, innovation, ingenuity, knowledge and foresight – values that are imperative to carving out powerful business in Asia & Africa including the global economy.

    Nominate Business

    Award Categories
    Nomination Fee: USD 1000

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    Nominate Business

    Award Categories

    1. Branding & Marketing
    2. Social Media & Digital Marketing Leadership Awards
    3. CIO Leadership Awards
    4. CSR Leadership Awards
    5. HR Vendors Award
    6. Education Leadership Awards
    7. Workplace, Health, Safety & Environment Leadership Awards
    8. Green Future Leadership Awards
    9. Knowledge Management Leadership Awards
    10. Learning Leadership Awards
    11. Responsible Business Leadership Awards
    12. Smart Cities Awards
    13. Social Innovation Leadership Awards
    14. The Super Boss of The Year Award
    15. Thought Leadership Awards
    16. Best in Class Facilities Management Leadership Awards
    17. Broadcasting
    18. Fashion & Lifestyle Leadership Awards
    19. Food & Grocery Leadership Awards
    20. Gems & Jewellery Industry Leadership Awards
    21. Healthcare Leadership Awards
    22. Hotel Industry Leadership Awards
    23. Training & Development Leadership Awards
    24. Women Leadership Awards
    25. CFO Leadership Awards
    26. Cards & Payments Leadership Awards
    27. Telecom Leadership Awards
    28. GCC Ethical Companies Awards
    29. Sustainability Leadership Awards
    30. HR Tech Awards
    31. IT
    32. Manufacturing Leadership Awards
    33. NGO Leadership Awards
    34. Oil & Gas Leadership Awards
    35. Outsourcing Leadership Awards
    36. Quality Leadership Awards
    37. Renewable Energy Leadership Awards
    38. Multiplex Leadership Awards
    39. Real Estate Leadership Awards
    40. Retail Leadership Awards
    41. Shopping Malls Leadership Awards
    42. Spirits of Leadership Awards
    43. Travel & Tourism Leadership Awards
    44. Coaching Leadership Awards
    45. Learning & Development Leadership Awards
    46. BFSI Leadership Awards
    47. HR Leadership Awards

    Nominate Chamber

    Award Categories
    Nomination Fee: USD 1000

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    Nominate Chamber

    Award Categories

    1. Best National Chamber of the Year – Country/Asia
    2. Best National Chamber of the Year – Country/Africa
    3. Best Regional Chamber of the Year
    4. Best International Chamber – Highest Membership
    5. Best Asian African Chamber for Socio Economic Reforms
    6. Best Chamber Digitization – Country/Asia
    7. Best Chamber Digitization – Country/Africa
    8. Best Chamber – Ease of Doing Business
    9. Best Liasoning – Country/Asia
    10.Best Liasoning – Country/Africa
    11.Chairperson of The Year – Country/Asia
    12.Chairperson of The Year – Country/Africa
    13.Best Secretariat of The Year – Country/Asia
    14.Best Secretariat of The Year – Country/Africa
    15.Best President – Country/Asia
    16.Best President – Country/Africa
    17.Best Vice President – Country/Asia
    18.Best Vice President – Country/Africa
    19.Best Leadership – Women (Asia)
    20.Best Leadership – Women (Africa)
    21.Youth Icon of The Year – Country/Asia
    22.Youth Icon of The Year – Country/Africa

    *Jury selection is final. Award Category allotted would be based upon dossier evaluation.

    Past Speakers

    Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe

    Founder & President SME Chamber of India

    Ms. Rouble Nagi

    Rouble Nagi Art Foundation

    Dr. Mickey Mehta

    Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Holistic Wellness Guru

    Mr. Prassanna Pathmanathan

    CEO , Ultima Training Sri Lanka

    Dr. Ravindra Gupta

    Managing Director, Aviyana Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

    Col. Lalit Rai

    Commanding Officer Gorkha Rifles, Indian Army, Vir Chakra Recepient

    Mr. Parveen Sahni

    Vice President - IFB Group

    Mr. Tej Malhotra

    President RSPL Group

    Dr. Roland Yakoubow

    Founder & Director, Bio Energy Healing Institute

    Sadguru Bhrameshananda Swamiji

    Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna

    Director, AICTE

    Ms. Raksha Somashekar

    Model & Actress

    Mr. Natraj N

    Sr. Vice President, KPIT Technologies

    Mr. Nakul Sharedalal

    YJ Trivedi & Co.

    Padamshri Dr. Vijay Shah

    Dr. Babar Afzal

    Pashmina Activist

    Bernadine Jayasinghe

    Anchor & Elocutionist

    Other Services

    Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a premier international institution offering a plethora of technical industry-driven services throughout the Asian-African region, such as

    Legal and Arbitration

    The Chamber will provide access to the National Arbitration mechanism which is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is agreed by parties of the dispute. Arbitration can be used to replace the traditional way of litigation in court.

    Business Networking Services

    The Chamber provides a platform for business networking sessions to enable members to meet and exchange information, experiences and business opportunities.

    Trade Facilitation Services

    To stimulate growth and development of Asian and African businesses, the Chamber actively lobbies for integration initiatives that promote trade and investment in both the regions.

    Other Services

    For more services offered by the Chamber please visit our main website.

    Delegate Fee

    • This entitles one delegate to attend the event.
    • High Tea & Lunch.
    • Entry fee after Early Bird offer is $ 200. Kindly refer ‘Key Dates’ in the menu.
    • This Entitles 6 Delegates To Attend The Event.
    • Specially Reserved Round Table Setup At The Venue.
    • High Tea & Lunch.
    • Entry Fee After Early Bird Offer Is $ 600. Kindly Refer ‘Key Dates’ In The Menu.


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    Sponsorships & Partnerships

    The Asian African Leadership Forum is an excellent platform for any organisation wanting to engage with the Asian-African SME market to support their achievements and hard work, and position themselves as a partner in business growth.

    The Forum offer sponsors a range of opportunities over a ten-month period, from marketing activities and PR, to brand alignment, a raised profile, and engagement at a international, national, regional and local level.

    We’ve worked with a number of leading organisations who have supported the AACCI Leadership Forums. You can hear from some of them below: